20 August, 2008

yes yes y'all

this is me, jason morris, and david brazil posing for dodie bellamy's camera at earthworm on august 8.

earthworm and try! magazine are on some blogs as of late...this makes me happy.

from dodie bellamy (this photo was pirated from her site...thanks dodie!):


from stan apps: http://nonprovocativeurl.blogspot.com/2008/08/try-magazine.html

the september earthworm is currently coming to fruition! i'll make an announcement shortly.

until then, much love comrades! xo, sara


Steven Trull said...
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Steven Trull said...

Hey, Sara. I got hold of your blog stuff through Dodie's site. I think we're neighbors. I live on Haight Street near Scott. Anyway. All my friends write poetry, fun stuff. I write bad porn. But, it's not so bad that Kevin Killian and Dennis Cooper wouldn't published it! In fact, they have. So, if you ever have another reading, I would love to attend it.

Check this out: David Highsmith has a space at 99 Sanchez Street for more poetry. Right around the corner. Visit him, get the calendar. It's kind of cool. Bill Berkson read there tonight. One more thing: all my friends are poets. Would it be okay if they accompanied me the next time you guys do a reading at your place?


And if you ever want to hang out, here's my contact stuff: 415.202.4378/steven.f.trull@gmail.com

Stay cool. Bye for now.

Oh yeah, my blog: spaceofliterature.blogspot.com.