28 April, 2008

earthworm highlights

for me to intelligently talk about the multifarious nature of the earthworm reading at my place this past friday is just too daunting at this precise moment, as i am in a much too-tired state this fine monday.

i will say, however, that this was like no other reading i’ve been to lately…it couldn’t have been a better beginning to this fledgling series!

to begin, we said “fuck intros” and rolled right into lauren shufran’s reading in my living room, which was quite simply astounding … after a short break suzanne stein invited us all to sprawl on my bed and in my bedroom (and i concurred) for a cozy yet heated discussion of poetics, labor and community ethics. really amazing. it was broadly noted afterward that this is a conversation that we do not have often enough.

following that, there was much dancing on the bed, whiskey/pbr drinking, greek translating, poetics debating, brisk discussing, and a bit of confusion over bus lines. some rooftop shenanigans were also noted.

overall, wondrous.

many thanks to all.

on may 23, brandon brown and erika staiti will kick out the jams for the earthworm series #2, same time, same place.


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