08 April, 2009

earthworm reading series was held from april - december 2008 in my apartment
in the lower haight.

thanks so much to all the readers and all of my friends and fellow writers and artists
who were so enthusiastic about the series!

i moved to berkeley and out of my apartment in the haight, and i think the new space
requires new projects...so earthworm reading series is on permanent hiatus (i love the contradiction of that phrase)...

i had a great time, looking forward to the freshness of the new. see ya in the next incarnation.


03 October, 2008

all hallows eve

earthworm reading series

friday, october 31 @ 7:30 pm

presenting . . .

Rodney Koeneke & Craig Santos Perez

AT: 899 oak street, apt 7, san francisco
* 415 412 4682(corner of oak and pierce--my apartment)

DATE: friday, october 31

TIME: 7:30 pm ...reading starts promptly at 8 pm

**party follows... byob!
vampire teeth will be abundant and available. weird costuming encouraged.

Rodney Koeneke is the author of Musee Mechanique (BlazeVOX, 2006) and Rouge State (Pavement Saw, 2003). A new collection, Rules for Drinking Forties, will appear as a Cy Press chapbook this fall. A recent collaboration with Jim Dine is forthcoming as part of Dine's "Hot Dream (52 Books)" project from Steidl in December. He lives in Portland, OR where he curates the Tangent Reading Series with Jules Boykoff and Kaia Sand.

Craig Santos Perez, a native Chamoru from the Pacific Island of Guahan (Guam), has lived in California since 1995. He received his MFA in Poetry from the University of San Francisco and is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Comparative Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley. He is co-founder of Achiote Press and author of several chapbooks. His first book, from Unincorporated Territory, is now available from Tinfish Press.

09 September, 2008

The Rust Life

i'm so happy to announce the publication of The Rust Life by Jack Crimmins, out now from earthworm press and projects!
$10, perfect bound, 57 pages.
available soon from SPD, or email me for a copy:
Jack Crimmins is the author of the poetry collections, Kit Fox Blues, published by Diane di Prima's press, and The Rust Life. earthworm press & projects has also published a chapbook of Jack's poem collages, Time has Razors'. Jack works as a licensed therapist with kids and families in community mental health in Sonoma County.

07 September, 2008

earthworm in september !!!

earthworm reading series
saturday, september 13 @ 7:30 pm

presenting . . .

Cynthia Sailers & Renee Evans & David Petrelli

AT: 899 oak street, apt 7, san francisco * 415 412 4682
(corner of oak and pierce--my apartment)

DATE: saturday, september 13

TIME: 7:30 pm ...reading starts promptly at 8 pm

**party follows... byob!

Cynthia Sailers is pursuing a doctorate in psychology and writing a dissertation on perversion in groups. Her book, Lake Systems, was published by Tougher Disguises in 2004, and Atticus/Finch published her chapbook Rose Lungs. Cynthia also serves on the board of Small Press Traffic and curated the New Brutalism series in Oakland from 2003–05.

Renee Evans just recently moved back to San Francisco. She received her MFA in fiction from Bard College in 2006 and is the author of the prose chapbook, How it Burned, and the comic book series, The Secret Life. She spends her spare time making books, checking the mail, cutting up instructional manuals and medical textbooks, and her indentured time as a line cook.

david petrelli is an artist with a background in painting, printmaking,writing, street art and macrobiotic cooking . for the last 3 years he has been collaborating with modern dance companies and underground sound systems in the bay area in the medium of video art and music : experimental music , hip hop, and jazz and field recordings are of interest as well as a passion for poetry, visual and sound collage.

SAVE THE DATE: october 31, a special halloween earthworm... presenting.... Rodney Koeneke & Craig Santos Perez

27 August, 2008


hi all,

the september and october earthworms are on the tip of my tongue!

in the meantime, how about a picture of your other, less amiable host, lucycat?

20 August, 2008

yes yes y'all

this is me, jason morris, and david brazil posing for dodie bellamy's camera at earthworm on august 8.

earthworm and try! magazine are on some blogs as of late...this makes me happy.

from dodie bellamy (this photo was pirated from her site...thanks dodie!):


from stan apps: http://nonprovocativeurl.blogspot.com/2008/08/try-magazine.html

the september earthworm is currently coming to fruition! i'll make an announcement shortly.

until then, much love comrades! xo, sara

25 July, 2008

earthworm reading series #4

earthworm reading series

august 9 @ 7:30 pm


Jason Morris & Erica Lewis

AT: 899 oak street, apt 7, san francisco * 415 412 4682

(corner of oak and pierce--i.e. my apartment)

DATE: august 9

TIME: 7:30 pm ...reading starts promptly at 8 pm

**a party follows... byob!

Jason Morris is a native Vermonter. His poems have appeared in Mirage #4 Periodical, Ping Pong, Salt Hill, Forklift, Ohio & elsewhere. His essay on the new sincerity was in Jacket. He edits BIG BELL & works as a bartender in the upper Haight.

erica lewis received her MFA from Mills College where she was awarded the 2008 Mary Merritt Henry Prize for poetry. her work has appeared or is forthcoming in P-Queue, Ur Vox, Cricket Online Review, Try!, and alice blue, among others. Chapbooks are forthcoming in early 2009 from Etherdome and Queue.